10 reasons y they have to love you

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10 reasons y they have to love you

Post  dec on Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:34 pm

sabihn nyo reasons why they have to love u
la lng naisip ko lng hakhak
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Re: 10 reasons y they have to love you

Post  elyk on Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:26 am

OMG 10 ReasOns?

Like a Star @ heaven ++BeCaUsE iM SELFISH?
Like a Star @ heaven ++I'm typical Suplada and Snobera
Like a Star @ heaven ++Because I'm not understanding and considerate.
Like a Star @ heaven ++Because I'm closed minded person
Like a Star @ heaven ++I'm Immature!
Like a Star @ heaven ++I am not patient.
Like a Star @ heaven ++I always had a Pride Most of the time.
Like a Star @ heaven ++I am not easy to go along.
Like a Star @ heaven ++I'm insecure.
Like a Star @ heaven ++I'm a User Person!

I cant think of the better things right now.Everything is complicated and unfair.One of the things we should accept for reals.I got only on my mind facts that I should be hated by somebody.crazy!!! lol! .. Well to end this borderline, I guess One Thing people can like me neither want me or like me is the way Im being true to everyone. Isipin coh muna yun iba.. I love you

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